Let the Romance Begin...

Italy is renowned worldwide for its delicious food and exceptional wines and nowhere is this more defined than at Love Italy®.

The Love Italy® brand is distinctly exclusive and represents the finest in Italian Gourmet foods. Our unrivalled passion for food is evident in our extensive yet exhilarating product range. With over 1500 gourmet products to choose from we have no doubt that we can satisfy the demands of the most discerning customer.   

Browse our website to find a mouth-watering and irresistible array of Love Italy® foods ranging from luxurious Hand-made Pastas, Home-style Vegetarian and Meat Sauces, Truffle Products, Jams, Honeys, Italian Cakes, Chocolate Products, Chutneys and Spreads, to the more traditional staples of Italian cuisine such as Luxury Aged Balsamic Vinegar (up to 100 years aged), Extravirgin Olive Oil D.O.P, Flavoured Grissini breadsticks and Parmigiano Reggiano.......

Our brand’s wonderful product selection includes unique foods such as Tagliatelle with Wild Berries and Barbaresco Wine, Luxury Risotto with Chocolate and Strawberries, Home-style Tomato Sauce with Melon and Kiwi, Tuscan-style Sauce with Wild Deer Meat, Asparagus and White Truffle Creme, Black Olive and Orange Pate, Luxury Pear and Mint Chutney, Red Peppers stuffed with Pistachios, Soft Cantucci with Apricots, Honey with Sliced Oranges, Luxury Salt Crystals with Lemon, PanNero Tuscan cake, Aged Balsamic Vinegar with Dates, Panetonne with Mandarines.... and many more amazing products that will make you Love Italy®.

Tempted? Let the rmance begin...

Tagliatelle al Barolo

Tagliatelle with Barolo Wine

Pappardelle ai Cinque Sapori

Pappardelle Pasta in 5 Flavours

Tagliatelle alla Diavola

Tagliatelle with Red Chillies

Salsa Bruschetta Tradizionale

Original Recipe Bruschetta Sauce

Crema di Olive Verdi

Green Olive Crème

Crema di Olive Neri

Black Olive Crème

Salsa Ghiotta

Homestyle Spicy Vegetable Sauce

Sugo alle Nocciole

Homestyle Tomato Sauce with Hazelnut

Suggo ai Capperi

Homestyle Tomato Sauce with Capers

Risotto allo Zafferano

Luxury Risotto with Saffron

Risotto ai Porri

Luxury Risotto with Leek

Salvia Essicata

Dried Sage

Cipolle Essicate

Dried Onion Flakes

Origano Essicato

Dried Oregano

Sale Speziato Pollo alla Diavola

Special Spiced Salt for Chicken Diavola

Sale Speziato Gamberoni alla Griglia

Special Spiced Salt for Grilled Prawns

Sale Speziato Fritto del Cortile

Special Spiced Salt for Fried Vegetables

Peperoncini Interi

Whole Cayenne Peppers

Pepe Colori Assortiti

Whole Assorted Peppercorns

Aglio Oli e Peperoncino

Special Spice Mix for Spaghetti with Garlic, Olive Oil & Hot Chili

Spaghetti Arabbiatta

Special Spice Mix for Spaghetti Arabbiatta


Special Spice Mix for Traditional Bruschetta

Aglio Granulato

Dried Garlic Granules

Cantucci al Cacao

Soft Cantucci with Chocolate

Cantucci Caccao e Arancio

Soft Cantucci with Cocoa and Orange

Capperi Salati

Italian Salted Capers

Involtini di Pomodori Secchi

Sundried Tomato Rolls

Peperoncini Sott’olio

Large Red Peppers in Olive Oil

Misto Funghi

Mixed Wild Mushrooms

Grissini al Rosmarino

Grissini with Rosemary

Grissini alle Olive Nere

Grissini with Black Olives

Lingue al Rosmarino

Italian Flatbread with Rosemary

Basilolio - Olio Extravirgine con Basilico

Extravirgin Olive Oil with Basil

Agliolio - Olio Extravirgine con Aglio

Extravirgin Olive Oil with Garlic

Olio d'Oliva infuso con Tartufo Bianco

Luxury Olive Oil infused with White Truffle

Selezione Pinzimolio Olio d'Oliva Extravirgine

Pinzimolio Extravirgin Olive Oil Special Selection

Peperolio - Olio Extravirgine con Peperoncino

Extravirgin Olive Oil with Red Chilli Pepper

Olio d'Oliva aromatizzato al Tartufo Nero

Olive Oil infused with Black Truffle

San Cassano Olio d'Oliva Extravirgine aromatizzato al Limone

Extravirgin Olive Oil infused with Lemon

Miele al Lampone

Tuscan Honey with Raspberry

Miele Toscana Fiori di Limoni

Tuscan Honey from Lemon Tree Flowers

Miele con Cannella

Tuscan Honey with Cinnamon

Miele di Fiori d'Arancio

Tuscan Honey from Orange Flowers

Miele Toscana Millefiori di Campo

Tuscan Honey from Mixed Flowers

Miele al Lime

Tuscan Honey with Lime

Miele al Lime

Tuscan Honey with Lime

Miele con Arancia

Tuscan Honey with Sliced Orange

Miele alla Pesca

Tuscan Honey with Peach

Miele Toscana Eucalyptus

Tuscan Honey from Eucalyptus

Zuppa Ribollita Toscana

Tuscan Ribollita Soup

Minestra di Verdure

Rice Broth with Mixed Vegetables

Crema di Carotti Frutti di Bosco e Vaniglia

Carrot Cream with Forest Berries and Vanilla

Crema di Carotti Mandorle Uva Sultana e Brandy

Carrot Cream with Almonds, Raisins and Brandy

Chutney di Cipolle

Sweet Onion Chutney

Choco Parmigiano

Luxury White Chocolate 'Parmesan'

Choco Antipasto

Luxury Chocolate 'Cheese' and Chocolate 'Salami'

Choco Gourmet

Luxury Chocolate 'Cheese' and Chocolate 'Salami' (with grater)

Rosa Canina

Luxury Rose Hip Jam


Luxury Peach Jam


Luxury Peach Jam


Luxury Strawberry Jam


Luxury Cherry Jam

Sugo Toscano al Cervo

Tuscan Style Sauce with Wild Deer Meat

Farfalle Picasso

Picasso pasta

Grissini al Rosmarino

Grissini with Rosemary

Grissini alle Olive Nere

Grissini with Black Olives

Lingue al Rosmarino

Italian Flatbread with Rosemary

Pasta Fantasia - Farfalle Picasso

Special Selection Flavoured Pasta

Pasta Fantasia - Farfalle alla Frutta

Special Selection Flavoured Pasta

Pennette alla Boscaiola

Pasta with Porcini Mushroom and Tomato

Orecchiette ai Funghi Porcini

Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms

Risotto Cioccolato e Fragole

Luxury Risotto with Chocolate Chunks and Strawberries

Miele Toscana Fragole

Tuscan Honey with Strawberries

Risotto ai Porri

Luxury Risotto with Leeks

Miele alla Pesca

Tuscan Honey with Peach

Olio d'Oliva Infuso con Funghi Porcini

Olive Oil Infused with Porcini Mushrooms

Peperolio Olio Extravirgine con Peperoncino

Extravirgin Olive Oil with Chilli Peppers