The Love Factor.....

Love Italy® products are manufactured by artisanal producers who pour their passion into their craft, taking immense pride in preserving time-honoured Italian traditions and culture. These small family-run enterprises, some of whom are award-winners in their respective fields, use traditional recipes and cooking methods that have been passed down from one generation to the next. 

There are no short-cuts to creating great-tasting food and all of our suppliers share this simple philosophy. Only the freshest and finest of natural ingredients are used in the manufacturing process....the vegetables used to make our range of Love Italy® Salse and Antipasti come from our suppliers’ own farms; our handmade Luxury Pasta is allowed to dry naturally for up to 36 hours so as to prevent changes to the structure of starch thereby making the Pasta easily digestible; our Extravirgin Olive Oil is extracted mechanically with a cold press so as to ensure purity and bring out the maximum flavour of the Oil.....

Our strict quality control, no-compromise attitude and zealous dedication is reflected in the great taste and quality of all our products; this, accompanied by our innovative approach to Italian gourmet cuisine, is what sets our brand apart from other brands in the market... after all, we do want you to Lve Italy®!

Browse our website for more information on our Love Italy® Range of Gourmet Food Products, some valuable Insight into the various product manufacturing processes as well as listings of delicious Food Recipes.

Capperi Salati

Italian Salted Capers

Involtini di Pomodori Secchi

Sundried Tomato Rolls

Peperoncini Sott’olio

Large Red Peppers in Olive Oil

Misto Funghi

Mixed Wild Mushrooms

Marmellata di Clementine

Luxury Clementine Marmalade

Sugo alla Pescatora

Homestyle Tomato Sauce with Fish

Capperi Salati

Italian Salted Capers

Sugo alle Melanzane

Homestyle Sauce with Aubergines

Peperoncini con Pistacchi

Luxury Red Peppers with Pistacchios

Funghi Porcini Tagliati in Olio d'Oliva

Sliced Porcini Mushrooms in Olive Oil

Antipasto d'Italia

Mixed Antipasto with Mushrooms in Olive Oil

Involitini di Pomodori Secchi

Sundried Tomato Rolls

Involitini di Melanzane

Stuffed Aubergine Rolls

Cristalli di Sale Pomodoro

Salt Crystals with Tomato

Sugo alle Nocciole

Homestyle Tomato Sauce with Hazelnut

Sale Marino alle Olive Nere

Sea Salt with Black Olives

Salsa al Tartufo Nero

Luxury Black Truffle Sauce

Sale Marino al Pomodoro

Sea Salt with Tomato