Biscotti, the Italian word for ‘biscuits’ means ‘twice-baked’. In medieval times, this cooking method was adopted to prolong the freshness of the biscuits, thereby making them suitable to eat during long journeys. Browse through Ancient History books and you will note that Biscotti played a significant role as a meal staple for Roman Legions during the wars.

In today’s world, the word Biscotti is commonly used to describe a particular type of Italian biscuit. However, our Love Italy® Biscotti range includes several different varieties of regional biscuits, all of which are equally great-tasting and deserve their place in the spotlight.

The most widely known of all Italian biscuits are the Cantuccini – these are hard biscuits that contain almonds (mandorle), originating from the small town of Prato in Tuscany. Aside from the traditional Cantuccini alle Mandorle, Love Italy® has several exciting flavours such as Cantuccini al Pistacchi or Cantuccini alla Arancia which have been hand-made and baked to perfection. Cantuccini biscuits are ideal served with Vin Santo —a sweet dessert wine made from selected grape varieties— or espresso coffee.

Equally addictive —if not more so— are the Love Italy® Soft Cantucci biscuits. These delicious biscuits are specially hand-made for us by a family of dedicated bakers in Tuscany who use a secret recipe to create the most amazingly moist Cantucci. With over 12 varieties of Love Italy® Soft Cantucci to select from, including mouth-watering specialties such as our Cantucci all’Albicocca (with sweet ripe Apricots), Cantucci ai Fichi (with juicy figs), Cantucci Cacao e Pistacchi (a heavenly blend of Chocolate and Pistachios) and Cantucci al Cioccolato (with huge chocolate chunks), a taste of these will have you addicted forever!

That’s not all... for those of you who adore the smell of freshly baked cookies, we’ve just added our brand new PanCantucci assortment to the range. Love Italy® PanCantucci are elongated Soft Cantucci ‘cakes’ that can be heated in the oven, sliced and served warm as an accompaniment to ice-cream, desserts, coffee or wine.  Impressing your friends with your baking skills has never been so easy —and we promise not to spill the beans!

If your waistline screams for help every time your hand reaches out for another biscuit, our Love Italy® Pandolio biscuit selection provides the perfect healthy alternative. These light, crispy biscuits made using Olive Oil instead of butter are simply scrumptious and are available in Classic, Lemon, Chocolate and Yoghurt flavours.

The Love Italy® Biscotti range further includes regional specialties such as the Ricchiarelli alla Mandorla (soft biscuits made using almond marzipan), Canestrelli di Liguria (daisy-shaped shortbread biscuits with a slight lemony flavour) as well as the world-famous Italian Amaretti biscuits. The Love Italy® Amaretti selection consists of Traditional Crunchy Amaretti, as well as Soft Amaretti and fruit-filled Gubeletti in a dazzling array of flavours.

Just abandon yourself to sweet temptation…