Remember your childhood days when the divine aromas of your mother’s home-made Jam brought a huge smile on your face because you knew that some delicious treats were heading your way? And that twinkle in your eye when she lavishly slathered the Jam on fluffy white bread to make you those scrumptious Sandwiches? Yum!

Well, in a similar moment of nostalgia, when only the taste of some lusciously fruity Jam would satisfy our cravings, we at Love Italy® decided to develop our own range of fabulous Italian Confetture (Home-style Jams and Preserves).... and the good news is that we’ve made them just the way Mamma would!

Love Italy® CONFETTURA products are in a different realm when compared to similar Jams sold in most supermarket chains. The products in this range are made using the finest quality of fruits and ingredients, all of which have been carefully selected to make our extraordinary Jams. We have scoured all corners of Italy to source great-tasting natural produce —the amazing Oranges and Lemons that we use for our Jams come from glorious island of Sicily, our sweet Apples from Piedmonte, Apricots and Pears from the best orchards in Tuscany, luscious Maraschino Cherries from specialized farms in Emilia Romagna... we choose only the best and discard the rest!

Our luxurious CONFETTURA products taste exceptionally good —divine, actually!  The freshness and purity of the ingredients used, along with the high fruit content of each product, guarantees the great taste. Whilst most other brands add a lot of sugar to sweeten their Jams and Preserves, we simply add more fruit and keep sugar content to the barest minimum.  

Although our CONFETTURA selection does include a few table ‘regulars’ such as Confettura di Arancia, Confettura di Mele, Confettura di Pere and Confettura di Mandarini, we have, yet again, deviated from the norm: select traditional recipes found in family archives have been revived and used as a base to create several unique Jams such as the moreish Confeturra di Kiwi, the sweetly tart Confettura di Limoni, the splendid  Confettura di Mele e Noci, the fabulous Confeturra di Albicocche e Mandorle, and many other spectacular compositions. Aside from adding a sparkle to your morning breakfast, these Jam varieties can also be used as toppings for cakes and pastries.

Our magical Love Factor ensures that every product is truly outstanding and tastes as great as it looks... so how can you resist the temptation of Love Italy®’s Fruity Booty?