La FarinaPolenta


We cannot ignore the importance of Farina (flour) as the base ingredient for most Italian products and recipes... just browse through our Love Italy® Pasta, Il Pane, Biscotti and Dolce categories and you will be amazed by the different varieties of Flour that feature in our products.

While most of our fantastic Love Italy® Pasta is made from grano saraceno (buckwheat flour) we also have a large selection of Pasta that has been made from specialty flours such as Farina di Riso, Farina di Mais, Farina di Segala and Farina di Farro. The Love Italy® Grissini al Riso offers a lighter alternative to the standard wheat flour Grissini breadsticks and our delectable Biscotti products feature an assortment of flavoured Rice, Chestnut and Maize Flour biscuits.

OurLove Italy® LA FARINA range contains several Flour varieties, including Semolino di Riso and Polenta. Polenta (cornmeal) is the staple food of North Italy and the versatility of this product has heightened its popularity to such an extent that it is now present in the menus of some of the world’s finest gourmet restaurants.  Cooking Polenta is usually a tediously slow process. However, at Love Italy® we have successfully managed to reduce the cooking time without compromising on the taste and we’ve also added all the ingredients so as to make the preparation process even easier for you!

When boiled, our finely ground Polenta has a lovely creamy texture and is an ideal accompaniment to a Meat or Fish dish.  Just add some butter or generous shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano to Love Italy® Polenta ai Funghi Porcini and serve it plain and simple, or grill it and pile some Love Italy® Funghi Porcini Tagliati for that full-on flavoursome Porcini fest.  For a quick gourmet fix, fry or grill some cooked Polenta ai Tartufo Nero, top it up with our Love Italy® Salsa Bruschetta and add some sliced Black Truffle … you’ll soon understand why Polenta reigns supreme in almost every Italian kitchen!

The La Farina range has been created for those of you who revel in the basic pleasures of cooking… and we’ve got it all covered for whenever you feel like kneading that dough or raising the flour!