I Legumi

Assorted beans

The Ol’ Bean...

Nutritious, healthy, high in fibre...endless praise has been heaped on and much has been written on the benefits of eating the humble bean.   At Love Italy® our unwavering love for all things fine and pure has led to the creation of our I LEGUMI range... and we want you to love it as much as we do!

Here you will find a selection of dried bean and lentil products such as the Italian favourites Fagioli Borlotti and Fagioli Cannellini, as well as Lenticchie Nere di Beluga.  Cook and serve them the Italian way as accompaniments to Red Meat and Fish dishes or add them to a nice Minestrone Soup to enhance its flavour.

You may also want to try the Love Italy® Risotto ai Legumi (a sublime composition of Carnaroli Rice with mixed lentils and herbs) as well as our ever popularLove Italy® Zuppa Ribollita (a hearty Tuscan-style soup with vegetables and beans).   These easy-to-cook products have been specially prepared using incredibly flavoursome ingredients that bring out the best in legumes. 

Are you ready to become totally besotted with the Ol’ Bean?