Sophisticated yet slightly tarty...

For those of you who aren’t in the mood for jamming it and prefer the sharper taste of citrus fruits, welcome to the Love Italy® Marmellata range.

Made using the finest quality of ripened fruits and natural ingredients – and with the same level of dedication and care as used for the production of our Confettura products - our luxurious Marmalades play a significant role on many prestigious breakfast tables. 

Sweet and juicy Clementines from Italy’s sunnier provinces have been used to make our exceptionally great-tasting Marmellata di Clementine and our bittersweet Marmellata di Arance Amare made with fiercely zesty Sicilian Oranges will leave you licking your lips.

Our deliciousLove Italy® Marmellata range allows you to revel in the vibrant aromas and distinct flavours of various Citrus fruits without overpowering your sophisticated palate... Well, we did say slightly tarty, didn’t we?