Through the centuries, Olive Oil earned its reputation as being the liquid gold of Oils and was a primary feature in all types of Mediterranean cuisine; it was also used for medicinal purposes and, to date, the cardio-protective health benefits of this Oil are widely acknowledged.

In Italy, Olive Oil is the principle ingredient in almost all food recipes, lending its wonderful pungent aroma and distinct flavours to a variety of culinary dishes as well as to Italian ANTIPASTI, Salads, Breads and Biscuits.

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Love Italy® prides itself in having one of the finest selections of Extravirgin and Flavoured Olive Oils.  Our Extravirgin Olive Oil comes from carefully hand-picked Olives that are harvested at their maximum ripening and then immediately cold-pressed on the same day using a traditional mill. The unfiltered Oil (Mosto) is bottled just as it comes out of the mill using a natural decantation process, and no chemical treatment or preservatives are used. This process authenticates the Oil as being pure Extravirgin Olive Oil.

Our Love Italy® range of Extravirgin Olive Oils are produced from the finest Taggiasca Olive variety, found exclusively in and around the famed Riviera Ligure in Italy’s Oneglia Valley. Our selection of Oils from this region includes the regal Mosto Oro —a gold-coloured oil with a mild almond flavour ideal for use in Fish dishes; the delicious Lucinasco Oil —produced from the special Olive groves found in the historic village of Lucinasco in the Valley; and the versatile Mosto Classicocold-pressed from a variety of Olives that contribute to its sweet, fruity taste and make it suitable for use on Pasta, Vegetable dishes and Salads.

The Love Italy® Olive Oil selection also includes speciality Oils such as our delightful Lemon-flavoured Extravirgin Olive Oil (from the Puglia region in Southern Italy), our luxurious Olive Oil with White Truffle, the hot and spicy Olive Oil with Red Chillies, as well as a range of other Flavoured and Aromatic Olive Oils...

And if you are an Olive Oil enthusiast, you will most certainly adore our exclusive range of delicious Olive Oil Biscuits available in a mouth-watering array of flavours– the optimum solution for guilt-free indulgence!

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