Il Pane

Bread and Wine... A Life Divine!

Love Italy® has an amazing range of Italian Dry Breads that have been prepared by artisanal manufacturers using original recipes that date as far back as the 1860’s. The extraordinary simplicity, purity and wholesome goodness of the ingredients used contribute to the fine taste and texture of our Breads.

Made using coarsely ground durum wheat flour and expertly baked to golden-brown perfection, our light and crunchy Grissini (breadsticks) and Lingue (traditional flatbread) are produced in the city of Torino, the origin of Grissini bread.

These breads are available in several delicious flavours —with Truffle, with Black Olives, with Rosemary, with Red Chilli Peppers, with Sesame... or just the Classic variety with Olive Oil —making them the ultimate ‘snack food’ option to satisfy those hunger pangs as well as ideal accompaniments to Soups, Antipasti (hors d’oeuvres) and Salads.

See Antipasti/La Zuppa/ Recipes.

The Love Italy® Lingue al Peperoncino is simply divine served slightly warm and topped with the Love Italy® Confettura di Peperoncini or the mild-but-tasty Love Italy® Pate Tonno e Asparagi.   Dip our Grissini alle Olive into the luscious Love Italy® Crema di Olive Nere Piccante or our truffle-based Salsa Tartufaio for a pure Olive fest... whatever your preference, we have no doubt that our products will satisfy your every craving!