A Pastahlic's Haven....

With a selection of over 350 varieties of flavoured PASTA to choose from, comprising of Durum Wheat Pasta, Egg Pasta, Gluten-free and Organic Pasta, Love Italy® is indeed a haven for all Pasta aficionados!

Our Pasta is made using old-style processing methods whereby the drying of the Pasta takes place alternately in furnaces and special ventilation systems over a period of 36 hours at controlled temperatures. This drying method prevents the loss of vital ingredients from the dough and ensures that the Pasta is easily digestible.

Pastaholics can choose from our range of traditional Pastas such as Pappardelle all’Uovo, Spaghetti Nero di Seppia and Tagliatelle allo Zafferano or select from our unique compositions — Tagliatelle Mora e Barbaresco, Tagliolini al Barolo, Pappardelle Uovo e Funghi Porcini, Cuori alla Diavola, Tagliatelle Cioccolato e Castagne, Penne alla Salmone, Farfalle Picasso, Creste ai Cinque Sapori, Tagliolini Uovo e Tartufo, Tacconi di Farro.... to name but a few Pasta types from our extensive range. As with all of our other gourmet food products, the great quality and taste of our Love Italy® Pasta is evident in every mouthful..... total addiction guaranteed!