Truffles on egg pasta


Italian Truffles (Tartufi) reign supreme in Love Italy®’s refined and exquisite gourmet food range.

Both the Black truffle (Tartufo Nero) and the much-prized White truffle (Tartufo Bianco) varieties are considered to be the treasures of sophisticated haute cuisine, gracing the menus of some of the most exclusive restaurants around the world. Consumers are often willing to pay outrageous prices for a taste of these pungently fabulous fungi that symbolise culinary snobbery.

Some of the finest and most expensive Truffle varieties come from Alba in the Piedmonte region of Northern Italy, whereas other Truffle-producing regions such as Umbria and Tuscany are also known for their delicious Truffle delicacies.

Love Italy® has over 50 varieties of delectable Truffle products to offer, ranging from our luxurious Spreads and Pates, whole and sliced Natural Preserved Truffle, Oils, Pastas, Risottos, Flour, Special Salts, Breads, Butters and Home-style Sauces.

Drizzle some of our Love Italy® Olio con Tartufo Nero or sprinkle some of our aromatic Sale al Tartufo Nero on top of fresh Rucola leaves for the ultimate gourmet salad. Blend some Burro al Tartufo Nero or add our Sugo Rosso al Tartufo to a dish of steaming hot Pasta Tagliatelle al Tartufo for a truly truffletastic meal!

Those who do not have time to cook elaborate meals need not despair - serve our Grissini al Tartufo or flavoured Lingue breads with any of our luxurious Truffle Spreads, Meat Pates or Italian Cheese products and you have your meal ready pronto! Or create a breakfast fit for kings and transform the humble omelette into a gastronomic delight by adding some sliced black truffle... simply buonissimo!!!

Immerse yourself in the wholesome and unforgettable aromas and tastes of this most luxurious of gourmet foods by selecting your favourite foods from our precious Love Italy® TARTUFO collection.

Black Truffles