La Zuppa

Souper Trooper...

Nothing beats the cold winter blues faster than a hearty bowl of hot wholesome Soup!  However, as we don’t want you slaving over the stove for hours in an attempt to create the ultimate broth, we at Love Italy® have produced a range of delicious Soups that are quick and easy to prepare – and nutritious too!

Our Love Italy® LA ZUPPA range includes selected regional and traditional Italian broth varieties, such as Minestra di Verdure and Zuppa di Farro con Verdure as well as other regional specialties such as the Tuscan staple Zuppa Ribollita.

All the Soups in the LA ZUPPA range have been specially prepared using natural dehydrated ingredients and herbs, without any artifical preservatives being added.  Each Soup variety comes luxuriously packaged in a tightly-sealed transparent sachet or in a glass jar, and utmost care has been taken to ensure that the contents retain their original freshness and great taste.

Our fabulous home-style broths are delightfully simple to prepare: just empty the contents into a deep pot, add water or some stock, and allow to simmer until cooked... Indulge and bring out the Souper Trooper in you!

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